Your Illness is a Wake-Up Call


Have you ever been sick and dealing with a health crisis only to wonder why ME? 

I believe there are many varying factors as to WHY we get sick.  We must consider the HEALTH of our:

  • Environment
  • Nutrition
  • Physical well-being
  • Emotional well-being
  • Spirituality
  • Stress levels
  • Work/life balance
  • Life purpose
  • Mindset
  • Relationships
  • Finances
  • Creativity
  • Sexuality

It is not one, but ALL of these things that affect our overall health and well-being and how we function from day-to-day.  When one or more of these factors is out of balance, we can become ill and the body will happily communicate this to us.

As Dr. Lissa Rankin, medical doctor and life coach says: “The body speaks to us in whispers and if we ignore the whispers of the body, the body begins to YELL.”

Your body will communicate to you what requires your attention and needs addressing in your life.  The mind and the body are inseparable.  There is constant energy being exchanged between the two.  One cannot function without the other.  Our survival instincts rely on this constant feedback system in order to ALARM of us danger that we may be in.   It allows us to bring conscious awareness to a health issue that needs to be HEALED.

The problem is that we don’t always want to LISTEN, pay attention or address what needs to be dealt with.  We often would rather IGNORE and deny our body’s communication signals.

What are some of the different ways our body speaks to and communicates with us? 

Well, though there may not be expression of words and a clear message, the body will always speak in the LANGUAGE of feelings, emotions, disease, pain and illness.  We may not always understand the meaning, but rest assure, the body is very good at trying to get our ATTENTION when out of balance.

When we are experiencing pain, discomfort or a feeling that something is just not quite right, we can be assured that this a red flag, a WAKE-UP call.

This can appear in many different forms from person to person as we are each unique in our individual way.

That GUT Feeling

We may be experiencing uncertainty, perhaps a fear about a new job, a relationship or living situation and as a result feel knots and pain in our tummy.  We literally feel the fear, worry or anxiety in our GUT.  This is a classic area of the body where key signs appear that something is off in our health balance and requires tending to.

I remember a time when I was at a job that was not in alignment with my life purpose and where I wanted to be in my career.  After about 6 months I began experiencing terrible daily headaches (only Monday to Friday while in the office).  They seemed to naturally disappear when I was not at the office.  Of course stress can contribute to something like this, but I felt intuitively deep down my headaches were trying to tell me something more.

I continued on with my job anyway and ignored the chronic headaches because the reality was I had bills to and responsibilities to adhere to.  As long as I ignored the headaches, I could go to work, pay my bills and be responsible.  The headaches continued for six months and in fact, they got worse.

When I started to look inwards and ask my body what the pain was all about I intuitively understood that my body was trying to communicate some important information to me, but I had not been listening.

I had a vacation booked and was eager to take it.  The first day of my vacation I noticed that the headaches had disappeared.  As quickly as they had started, they left.  For the rest of the vacation I continued on symptom and pain-free.


Shortly after I returned back to work I began to experience another kind of pain in my body- chronic stomach pain and digestive distress.  My tummy felt constantly in knots, taking me on a roller coaster from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed.  Another red flag that something was not quite right in my work life.  Again, I only experienced the symptoms when I was at work.  Once I was done for the day or the weekend arrived, all of my symptoms disappeared.

Thirdly, I began to experience lack of appetite and nausea and could barely keep down food.  This lasted for about 2 weeks.

Then, one Friday morning, my boss called me into her office and said she had to speak with me about something.  I was shocked by what I was about to hear.  She informed me that they did not have the funds to continue to keep my position in the company and was letting me go.  As soon as the words came out of her mouth, I felt a huge release of tension, worry and fear let go inside of me.

I felt like a giant WEIGHT had just been lifted off my back.  I felt lighter and less tense.  Within hours of this news my headaches, tummy upsets, nausea and lack of appetite almost instantly disappeared.

I felt immediately relieved that this burden had been lifted from me.  I think I had known intuitively deep down all that time that I was in a job that I was not passionate about.  I was not following my intuition that this was not in alignment with my true life purpose.  I was not being true to my soul self.

This is what can happen when we are not aligned with the universe or our soul’s purpose.

Pain & Discomfort

We may experience pain, discomfort or disease as a means to make a change, make a shift in our life.  If we do not listen to these signals and sign, they only become LOUDER and eventually if we continue to ignore and not take action, a higher force acts for us.  I couldn’t make a change in my work life, so the universe did it for me by pushing me out the door and forcing me in a new direction.

This is only one example in an area of our health where we must consider how balanced we are.  We also need to from time to time do an inventory check within our nutrition, physical well-being, relationships and so on in order to see what IS and what is NOT working for us so that we can FEEL and LIVE healthfully.


I challenge you to take the time each day to notice, become aware and feel what’s going on inside your body in order to HEAL it.

Do you feel alive or exhausted?  Do you feel joy or sadness?  Do you feel light or heavy?  Do you have pain or discomfort?  Do you feel calm or is there anxiety there?  Are you angry or irritated?

LISTEN to your body’s signs and signals and I promise you, you will become more aware of what is working and not working in your life in order to take action, make the change you need and get on track to living the most fulfilled and abundant life and HEALTH you were meant to live.

Need a kick-start to getting on your own HEALTH track?  Check out my 5-week women’s holistic self-healing program where I help you get super specific and CLEAR about what needs HEALING in your life and HEALTH.



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