Can You Self-Heal Your PMS?


So in the first two parts of this segment on PMS and depression I discussed how the food we eat, activities we engage in and alternative therapies can have a positive effect on managing PMS.  I offered some specific and practical natural health solutions to addressing low mood in premenstruation.

In this part, I want talk about PMS from an energetic and emotional point of view, putting aside food, vitamins, herbs, physical fitness and alternative therapies as our medicine for the time being.

What if I told you PMS is not such a bad thing?

No, not all women experience it and those who do have unique individual experiences as no one woman is the same- some good, some bad, some borderline hellish and some leaving them wish they’d been born a man.  But for those who do experience PMS, however the severity, this period of time actually offers an opportunity to reflect and review the things in our lives that usually get swept under the rug.  So hear me out.

This window of PAIN and discomfort offers great INSIGHT as to what needs to be healed deep within us, as a WOMAN.

Louise Hay reflects upon PMS as struggling with our FEMALENESS or denying our womanhood.  I believe this holds much truth for many women today in a day in age where we are still playing catch up and carrying the pain and burden of our past female shame.  In a time when women could not vote, voice their opinion, put their own needs first and control their own fertility there was great sacrifice and denial in being a woman.  Society’s past pain of the female gender still resonates a dark heavy energy today.

Our FEELINGS are Valid

Often when something upsets us, bothers us, makes us angry or sad we tend to brush over it and stuff the feelings deep down inside because the PAIN of dealing with it seems way worse than not dealing with it all.  We shut them off by avoiding and stopping the feelings from coming.  We do this by sleeping through them, medicating them, eating through them and quickly dismissing them like they have no meaning.  When in actuality, the PAIN is smoke signal for HELP.

The problem here lies in this: when we don’t DEAL with our feelings and we don’t process them, they have nowhere to go.  They have no outlet, no release and essentially become STUCK inside of us.  This creates a build up of unprocessed ENERGY in our body and imbalance in our systems.  Eventually, if not dealt with, this build up of unprocessed energy can manifest itself  physically somewhere within us.

The manifestation of this unprocessed, unresolved energy often tends to go in areas of our body where there is already an inherent weakness.  We all have a weak spot.  My Achilles heal has always been my female reproductive organs and womanly body features.  READ: my ovaries, uterus & breasts.  This is where all my unresolved pain, emotions and feelings go and for many women who suffer from PMS this of course is also where the unresolved pain shows up.  Of course we’re all different.  For some people unresolved pain and feelings might show up as arthritis or in extreme cases, CANCER.  It truly really depends on the individual.

But from what I have seen over the year working in clinics, with physicians and my own private practice is that women who experience PMS and have tried everything under the sun to address the condition either through western or eastern medicine and have no relief, may want to explore the emotional/energetic arena.  What is this pain coming up here at this particular time of the month all about?

What Needs to be Healed in You?

Is there past pain and grief from the loss of your childhood innocence?  Do you deny yourself pleasure because you are ashamed of your sexuality?  Did you witness and experience the trauma of your parents divorce?  Do you still carry around your abandonment wound from when your father left?  Are there unresolved issues of sexual abuse in your history?

Health issues connected to the pelvic area in women particularly coincide with with any major traumas between ages 4 and 8.  These issues gone unresolved, unattended to and unhealed can cause us great physical pain and discomfort in this area of our body.  These issues and trauma must be addressed in order to heal these energetic wounds.

A Time for Self-Healing

I used to think it was totally unfair “being a woman” and completely cursed and dreaded getting my period.  Over the years my thought process has changed around this.  In fact, I actually look forward to this time of the month because of the release, creativity and self-healing I now endure.

When or if there is pain there (every month is different for us depending on so many varying factors-how we have been eating, our level of stress, activity level, chemical exposure, etc.), I now know that something is calling my attention.  Something is out of balance and there is a message in the pain that wants to be known and worked through.

I believe from an emotional and energetic standpoint, PMS offers us a chance to deal with some of the emotional crap we might have been suppressing throughout the rest of the month and otherwise not have dealt with.  I know when these extra feelings and emotions come up leading up to and sometimes during my period they are not “crazy”, just having PMS or chalk it up to “my stupid hormones.”  Nope-in fact, your hormones are pretty damn smart and are trying to COMMUNICATE with you.   I know these feelings are well warranted and are coming up for a reason.  I know they need some attention and love.  

This time allows me to really get in touch with those feelings and work them through.

Finding the Good in the Pain

As painful and uncomfortable it may be, I know that by letting these feelings run their course I will feel lighter and more available to live in the present and experience happiness.  By changing our perception that being a woman and having a period is awful and yucky and instead taking this process and time to really truly experience what we need to in order to heal, I think you just might find that you actually have something to look forward to each month. You might even find yourself awaiting your monthly gift to shed some light on a problem or situation.

Whether it’s a good cry, a good laugh or a big hug, let your period of PMS (no pun intended!) guide you to reflection and ultimately inner peace.

My 5-week holistic self-healing program offers women an opportunity to work on healing themselves within through the use of food, vitamins and herbs as their medicine, stress management and emotional healing.  Find more details here or email me with your questions:


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