You Can Heal Yourself


Self-healing is a process.  It’s directed by the “patient” or individual and it’s unique to each person, as we are all different.  No one of us is the same and therefore healing occurs and shows up differently for each of us.

We must always consider that not only is no one of us the same, but also, we each share different life experiences, beliefs, trauma, education, culture, environments and knowledge in which will shape and influence our healing process.

Self-healing is the ability for the body, mind and soul of an individual to naturally release any negative physicality, energy and emotion that is blocking their ability to experience awesome energy, love (with ourselves and others) and true happiness within.

Self-healing is a process by which the body knows intuitively exactly what to do and how to do it in order to feel, look and experience great health, and is not just merely the absence of disease.   

Even if we don’t know the “how” of the way to wholeness, it’s okay, we don’t have to.  We can trust that the body knows. 

Self-healing means to me to balance and nourish the body, mind and soul with all the appropriate nourishing foods, nutrients, relationships, love and support, emotional expression, nurturing physical environment and space, passionate work, financial needs, sexual needs and self-love right for us a unique individual.

I believe we are always self-healing naturally and yet at the same time, there is a part of us that for some health issues and conditions can only self-heal when we are ready.

If we are not READY to change our eating habits or if we are not ready to let go of a toxic relationship or if we are not ready to process and release the anger we hold on to against our parents, it can be very difficult to heal.  Timing and readiness is critical in the self-healing process.  And we all do this at our own pace.

Self-healing does not mean that we can’t and don’t rely, depend or lean on those who care about us for their love and support during these difficult healing times.  Self-healing does not mean we have to do it all alone.

We absolutely need the love, support and certainty that we can depend on our SUPPORT networks and systems when we need them and they will be there for us.  The “self” part of self-healing represents the concept that we are responsible and have power over our own body and only we have the ability to accept healing to take place within.

We must go inwards to heal and let go of seeking solutions “out there.”

Yes, we need assistance from external things such as nourishing food, vitamins, counselling, appropriate practitioners, educators and “experts”, but the point is, once we receive whatever it is we need from these outside sources, our body knows exactly what to do with it.  And WE are ultimately the expert of our own body.  We have after all been dwelling here our whole lives.  Who could know us better than us?

Our body knows how to assimilate and absorb the appropriate vitamins and minerals.  It knows how to receive support, love and recommendations from the right practitioner(s) (that you trust and feel safe with).  Its knows how to handle and process emotions and feelings once guided and made known that it is okay to do this.

We can’t do it all on our own, no matter how strong and independent we are.  And no, this does not make us weak in the slightest.  In fact, walking the self-healing path is one of the most courageous and bravest things I think we can do in this life.  It takes a very strong person to walk down this road.

Please know that you are beyond incredibly BOLD for walking this very difficult, yet brilliantly rewarding journeyAnd when you come out the other side, you will be forever changed.  Be thankful for that.

It is important that you actually have the right support and appropriate health practitioner(s) well versed in the health issue you are dealing with.  There must the bond of sacred trust and safe space with this individual in order to accept them fully into your life to help you heal.  It is important to have another human being support, witness and validate how we feel and what has happened to us.

Make no mistake, a health practitioner nor any other person, “heals you”.  They are simply facilitators and leaders, helping to guide you through your path to wholeness.

Your support system is there to hold your hand when you need them most, maintain space to witness and help you release old pain, offer a hug when you’re feeling down and lend an ear so you can get the words off your chest.  They do not fix, heal or solve you and your health in any way, shape or form.  These people are simply safe grounds to come and allow self-healing to take place and run its course.

But it is you, ultimately, your own “self”, that does the actual healing.  And your body is very smart to know the what, why and how to do it.

Your body is always trying to maintain homeostasis, equilibrium—essentially balance.  And when something is off and feeling out of whack, the body will try to correct itself.  Depending on how “off” or unbalanced we become, sometimes we do need the support of nourishing nutrients, emotional healing and physical outlets.  This is all part of the self-healing process.

Self-healing is a journey, adventure and path that not everyone will walk.  Some may be more ready than others.  Some may never go there in their lifetime.  Some might jump in eager to dig deep into the root of the issue, while others may hold back in FEAR of what awaits if they finally do heal.  What might their life look like then?

Many of us have become attached to our pain and health problems, like a third eye peering out of our forehead or a third arm that feels awkward and uncomfortable, yet somehow we have learned to live with it.

For many, our pain has become a part of who we are, leaving us attached to our story that ties connected with it.  If we were to let that old pain and trauma go, we may unconsciously ask ourselves, WHO would we BE without it?

Only when we are ready to let go of our pain, can we really heal.  This takes time and does not happen overnight.   The first and most important step is the conscious awareness that the pain is even there in the first place.

And for many, this can be very difficult because we simply don’t want to look at that part of ourselves.  We don’t want to admit that there might be something underlying that requires our attention and needs taking care of.  We may feel we “don’t have time” to stop and work out the kinks.  We have “work” do elsewhere, in our jobs, personal lives and crossing off our big long “to-do” lists.

We may fear the ugliness, rawness and the vulnerability that lies underneath all that painful wound.

Or for some, we don’t want to feel it simply because it just too damn painful.  It’s often much easier to keep burying, stuffing and denying to avoid the reality of what our body is trying to express to us.

Instead, when we are in the midst of experiencing pain- whether it be a broken limb, heartbreak or loneliness we want to resist so as not to FEEL the hurt and all the awful feelings that comes with it.

We try to escape the pain by drinking over it, eating through it, running away from it, cursing it and hating on it.  This only makes the pain worse and prolongs our healing process.

But if we allow ourselves to FEEL, really truly feel our pain- like feel the hell out of it, we can then process, release and HEAL itWhen we feel the pain coming on, we need not abandon it but, instead try going into it.  This will in deed allow for self-healing to take place.

CRY it out, SCREAM it out, PUNCH it out (safely such as using a pillow or a punching bag is always great), FEEL it out and by doing so, we LET out the pain so it doesn’t get stuck in a negative energy cycle in the body.  Stuck, unprocessed and unreleased pain can make us seriously sick and prime the body for future cancer, heart disease and degenerative disease.

When you’re ready to dig deep and do the work, I promise you will be glad that you showed up for the assignment.  It was in deed no coincidence you were handed this pain to heal.  With great pain, comes massive reward if we are willing to go there and see how self-healing can be one of the greatest things we experience in this life.

I know because I have walked this path and continue today to self-heal whenever the pain comes knocking at my door.

(*from my book in process)

With Love, Light & Gratitude

~Jacquie xo

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