Can Your Mind Heal Your Body?


Have you ever really wondered the true ability for the body to heal itself?  Well wonder and look no more.  Today, we’ve got the scientific proof to back this theory up.  The ability for our mind to heal our body is truly incredible— and real whether you believe it to be our not.

The MIND is an incredibly powerful TOOL we hold right within our fingertips.  The thoughts we think— they create energy.  And that energy has the ability to either nourish our health or feed our illness.  Just as everything we EAT becomes us I believe that everything we THINK also becomes us.  If we think we can’t lose the weight, we probably won’t.

I always make it clear to the women I work with when I first meet them that I am no healer.  Make no mistake- I am Holistic Nutritionist and practice alternative nutritional medicine, but I do not do any healing at all.

That is up to you.

I am simply a facilitator, EDUCATOR and vehicle for healthy information to help people get to where they want to be in their life and health.  Sure, sometimes we get stuck and we can’t do it all on our own and that’s okay.  That’s when people like me step in to help facilitate the healing process— to give you a gentle nudge and send you on your way to greater health.  But it is YOU that heals YOUyour mind, your body and your spirit they ARE the healing process itself.

Dr. Lissa Rankin a well-known medical doctor and turned life coach, after having what she calls her “perfect storm” which catapult her unbalanced world into even more upheaval and chaos, works today helping her patients heal themselves.

Dr. Rankin left her full-time, 40 patients a day practice to pursue her soul-call, dream work as an integrated MD meets life coach after becoming seriously burned-out and sickA feeling I’m sure many of us can relate to.

Dr. Rankin’s new book Mind Over Medicine, discusses how the body holds within it what she calls an innate self-repair mechanism to heal itself.  She uses study after study, research after case study to back up her theory of self-healing – which is really our REALITY and the truth.

In one of her TED Talks she talks about a case study from 1957, about a patient who had been diagnosed with advanced lymphosarcoma.  The patient was given a Krebiozen, a drug then used to treat cancer.  The drug helped to shrink the patient’s tumours by half their size— and after only 10 days the tumours were completely GONE.

Then out came the report claiming that the drug the patient was taking did not really work.  The patient fell in to a deep depression and his cancer came back with a vengeance.  His doctor decided to get a little sneaky and told the patient that he had been given a “tainted” version but then gave him the “real” stuff that really worked.  He simply injected the patient with only distilled water- a PLACEBO.  *Placebo:  A substance containing no medication and prescribed or given to reinforce a patient’s expectation to get well.

Then the American Medical Association blew it by publishing a nation-wide study proving that Krebiozen was worthless.  Two days later, the patient died.

This story is one of the many of thousands that offer the proof and evidence that we as  human beings, can HEAL OURSELVES.  It’s much to do with our mind control and how perceive our health- our life lesson we have been handed.  We may need some prompting, some education, some tools and a little motivation never hurt anyone, but I too like Dr. Rankin, truly and whole-heartedly believe that the mind’s ability to heal the body trumps any drug, health food or supplement out there.  These things may aid in co-healing aids, but your MIND is what takes the cake.

I know it for a fact and am living proof myself.  After what felt like a lifetime battle with depression over 14 years I no longer suffer the way I used to, thanks in part to the belief that I would get better.  And here I am today spreading my message to the masses- forever grateful and thankful for my illness for all it’s life lessons and growth it offered.

Today and from each and every day forward I wish you nothing but love and compassion in your own personal healing journey, wherever you may be along your path…

For more information about my holistic approach to health and an opportunity to work with me find it here.


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