Why Nutrition coaching works

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Frustrated with the last 10 pounds, sick of yo-yo dieting, so over counting calories and points?  I hear you loud and clear and in fact, it’s what I most often hear from my clients when they first come to see me.  Here’s what most people are looking for: a quick-fix, pill-popping magic solution to end their struggle with weight, exhaustion and unhappiness.

In fact, according to market research, the average woman desperately wants one of the following to be a solution to having more energy, losing weight and feeling youthful:

1. A miracle nutritional supplement that will transform her body without any other exercise, nutrition or lifestyle changes

2. A pill, shake, or cream that does the same

3. A super food not that cures weight gain and the aging process

4. A quick detox to melt away fat for good

 Sorry, NO pill-popping magic solution here…but umm, that’s actually a GOOD thing!

Today, there are well over 80,000 nutritional supplements marketed across North America for their supposed “medicinal” properties.  The majority claim to promote immediate weight loss and more energy without doing a thing but popping a pill.  If anyone promises you this, think long and hard before you say yes.  Or don’t think at all and just say NO because chances are it’s a bunch of bologna.

That’s Not How I ROLL

Nobody gets to their desirable DREAM health overnight.  Sorry to burst your bubble.  It’s about hard work, dedication and truly wanting to change deep down at your CORE.  It’s about really wanting to uncover the real you underneath the dark circles, flabby tummy and exhausted, racing mind.  It’s about letting go of old beliefshabits and behaviours that no longer SERVE you.

THE GOOD NEWS?  Your dream health can become your reality if you really, truly WANT IT.  But it’s up to you— and you only.

I don’t offer a miracle cure.  Why?  Because miracle cures don’t exist.  Changing your body and your health depends on so much more than just what you eat and how much you work out.   Your hormones,level of stress, environment, emotional health and thoughts also play critical roles in how awesome you feel and look inside and out. 

Coaching & Support

The most actively successful people in life seek out COACHING and SUPPORT.  People who have expert coaches and are surrounded by continuous support– and who actively use these resources are WAY MORE likely to reach their goals than those without either.  

Hiring an EXPERT, someone you TRUST and someone who has walked a similar path and is now living the kind of health you want, will help you get the job done.  

If you’re sick of feeling stuck, don’t know what health info is true or false and want a REAL LIFE solution– one that doesn’t require starving yourself or quitting carbs- keep reading.

Here’s WHY Nutrition Coaching Works:

1. You get positive peer pressure from someone who is actively rooting for you (Me! And I do this gently but firmly to get you to where you want to be).

2. It provides more accountability— increasing you consciousness brought to your specific goals and commitment.  You take more responsibility in putting your words into real-time actions.

3. You’re validated and accepted— As human beings we need and thrive off of this.  Positive feedback and affirmation that you’re doing well ignites the brain to want to keep going and do better.

4. Real-time Feedback— Our on-going sessions and conversations allow for immediate feedback to tweak and ask questions as you go.

5. Keeps you motivated, on-track and unable to make excuses— period.

In short, people with coaches and support figure things out faster, get more effective results and are successful in reaching their target goals.  It’s a no-brainer FORMULA FOR SUCCESS, especially when it comes to nutrition and health.

Wanna know more on how to get started?


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