What’s Your Story?

A twist in my story

We all have a story about who we are and how we got here.  Somewhere very early on in life, usually before the small age of 5, we picked up on our external environmental surroundings, internalized them and creating what I call our “blueprint.”  We created a belief system for ourselves that has helped to keep us in survival mode up until now.

We took on the world’s problems, others negativity, our parents, friends and family’s FEARS, JUDGMENT and GUILT.  These external factors helped to shape our story- our BLUEPRINT.  This blueprint became the map of our subconscious creating many of these lie and falsities that many of us still carry on today.

Got a BIG EGO— Such a Huge Ego

From the time we arrived on this earth, we have shared life experiences and lessons that have shaped and molded us into the person we are today.  These experiences have helped to create our subconscious or EGO that speaks to us constantly whether we are aware of it or not.  This is what I like to call “mind chatter” and it is that constant white noise continuously playing in the background of our brain.

Our ego loves to feed off of these false stories we tell ourselves and thrives significantly when we believe them.  Many of us do this without any awareness that we are even doing it.  These stories are so second-hand nature that they appear and operate almost as natural as breathing.

Holding Back from the GREATNESS You Are

The problem is that these “stories” keep us from fully living life.  They keep us from living in the moment and enjoying what little time we have here in this world.  They stop us of from following our dreams and passions, receiving love and ultimately being the best person we can be.   The stories we tell ourselves stop of us from following our inner guidance— our intuition (which always knows what is best for us).

Often we’ve been living in our story for twenty, thirty even fifty years- when in actuality, our story no longer serves us.  It has no purpose, but that tiny critical voice inside of us keeps it alive to keep us playing safe.

Our stories create FEAR, instead of LOVE.  When we live out of fear, we live separate from our truth.  We never truly get to experience life because we are too busy worrying about the “what ifs?”.

When we listen to the story and believe it, the story becomes a template for telling us what we can and cannot do in life.  We create such crazy stories that it becomes difficult to tell what the truth is anymore.

These Stories Would Not Win a Grammy…

I myself have been guilty of telling a lot of stories.  I would wake up in the morning already preaching my story: I hate my job.  I will never be happy.  I’m not good enough.  Men always leave me.  One story lie into another they would roll.  I went to work with a story.  I got on the subway telling stories. I went to bed sleepily repeating a story.

One day something clicked and it dawned on me.  I’m a big fat liar who likes to tell stories!  None of these stories I had been telling myself were true, but instead something that I had created and made up based on past life experiences.

It wasn’t true that I wasn’t good enough or that I would never find a better job, but I had been telling myself these things for so long and whole-heartedly believed them.

Becoming AWARE is the First Step

When we become aware of these lies and stories that we tell ourselves we can start to choose whether we want to continue to nurture the story or create a new and ultimately better story.  We can choose to tell ourselves all the good things we have in our life and our truth that really is.


Ask yourself where the story came from.  How did it get there?  Where did the beliefs come from?  Who primarily influenced and supported your story to keep it alive?

We have a CHOICE to CHANGE our STORY. 

I challenge you the next time you hear that little voice start to tell you a story that you know deep down  at your core is not true, to throw that story out and replace it with a new one.

If your story is I’m unworthy and will never find love, replace it with I am loveable and welcome love into my life.  If your story is I never have enough money, replace it with I am always abundant with money.

What’s Your Story?

What old stories are you ready to stop telling and let go of?  What stories are no longer serving you today?  What new ones are you ready to start telling?

Speak your TRUTH and not your story and I promise your life will be enriched with more love and happiness— the kind that cannot be taken away by a pretend make-believe story.

With Love, Light & TRUTH

Jacquie xo




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