Taking Off Your Mask(s)

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“I feel like an actor sometimes.  Like I’m pretending to be someone I’m not.  Like I’m trying to impress, please and gain approval for what I do and who I am.” someone said to me recently.  The only response that came to mind—  We’re all actors in the game of life.  We all pretend to “be” someone we’re not.  In fact, I believe most of us were conditioned to do this very early on in life.

Each and every day we get up in the morning and without even thinking twice about it, we put on our MASK for the day that awaits us.  We put on the “Mommy” mask, the “employee” mask, the “lover” mask and so on.  Suddenly, our brain switches gears into what we should say, what we must do, and how we should behave.  We dress the role, talk the part and play the gig like it’s our full-time job.

This can be EXHAUSTING and after a lifetime of living like this, it can seriously energetically, physically and emotionally drain your SPIRIT.

We have become so engulfed with fitting into our masks that most of us have lost sight of what is truly most important—revealing and expressing what is underneath and behind the mask.

What might it FEEL like if we took off our many layers of masks?  To one-by-one remove each cover up and no longer feel the weighted pressure of our masks?  I’m not talking about giving up our jobs or roles as mothers and lovers.  What I am talking about is removing the façade that many of us put on in order to PLEASE, PROTECT and PRETEND.

This is the façade we think others want to see in and how we ourselves would like ourselves to be seen.  This is also the façade that keeps us out of touch with our inner being— the one that actually deep down truly wants to come out and be seen.

To remove the mask that forces us to feel we have to BE a certain way is the one of the most LIBERATING, FREEING and COURAGEOUS things we could for ourselves.

I know this because I have been taking off my MASK for years—and it feels damn good.  For the longest time I thought I had to live my life a certain way, fulfill certain roles and put on a front so as to impress, please and show others what I thought they wanted to see from me.

After twenty-some odd years of living like this I came to realize (through a lot of deep soul-searching, inner work and time working through my issues) that this was not a way I wanted to live.  This was not a life worth living.

The result of taking off my many masks was astonishing.  I suddenly felt like I didn’t have to pretend anymore, hide behind my front or be someone I was NOT.  Taking off my mask has allowed me to step into my most AUTHENTIC TRUE SELF— the one that people really wanted to see and the one that I enjoy being the most.

Living in my authentic self has allowed me to grow leaps and bounds beyond what I ever could have imagined before the masks came off.  It has also allowed me to begin to pursue my most PASSIONATE DREAMS that I feel I was meant to do here in this lifetime.  Even though at times I might be fearful of those dreams, I know deep down at my roots, that this is what my soul needs for me to grow and what the world also needs from me to become a better place.

Living in our authentic self means SPEAKING YOUR TRUTH, expressing your inner desires and letting the world know what you represent at your CORE.

Taking off your mask does not of course have to mean that you reveal every deepest, darkest secret that exists within you.  It does however require that you just BE YOU.

Living in your authentic skin means to not be afraid of voicing your opinion, speaking your mind and opening your soul to the infinite possibilities that be.

So now every day, when I get up out of bed, open the blinds and look in the mirror, I ask myself: WHO DO I WANT TO BE TODAY?  What does the world need to HEAR from me?  And, am I BEING ME? 

That is—my most real, unarmoured, and sincere SELF, the one that was put here on planet earth to share all most important life lessons, experiences and gifts.

This is what the world needs more of.  That part of us that lets down the mask and lets our true light shine bright in order to reach out and CONNECT, LOVE and GROW.  When you take off your mask, you give permission and strength to HELP OTHERS also take off their veils they hide behind and reveal who they really are.

May you too have the courage one day to take off your mask and show your true self

Wanna get to the CORE essence of who YOU really are and how you want to BE in this world but feeling stuck?  Join me for a FREE strategy session to see if my program is the right fit for you.  Email me at: info@jacquierobertson.ca


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