Getting Out of Your Own Way

fear or love

Our brain can only process and opt for at any one given time one of the 2 following: LOVE or FEAR.  Yupp, it’s that simple.  We’re either thinking, feeling and thus creating fearful thoughts or loving ones however which way we may choose.  Your choice…

Most of us live in a perpetual state of FEAR.

The result?  Constant worry, weight gain, disease & sickness, inability to live in the present, taking the safe route, playing small, keeping dreams from reality and never fully living our TRUTH.

Sound kinda depressing?  That’s because it is!  But it’s the reality that many of us choose simply because we are STUCK in our own way.  We are standing directly in front of the gate to paradise with a big giant lock and chain.

We are the ones that actually ironically pass up LOVE, only to take faith in a pretend, make belief FEAR that in reality actually doesn’t even exist.  The fear only exists in our minds.  We create the fear in the first place.

A Course In Miracles (ACIM) teaches: Nothing real can be threatened.  Nothing unreal exists.  Our reality?  Fear is not real, therefore it cannot hurt us.

Why Do we Self-Sabotage?

We stand in our own way by creating the false fear and let it stand in our way of creating the life we truly want to live.  We create the fear as a means to keeping ourselves small, simple and safe.  We create the fear to protect our own ego from getting crushed when the plan fails, or when our greatest love rejects us or when we don’t lose our target weight.

The fear is our own way of keeping us from experiencing failure, heartbreak and rejection.  The fear allows us to avoid pain, hurt and discomfort.  But the fear also keeps us from experiencing success, love and acceptance.  I don’t know about you, but the latter of the two sounds way more awesome to experience.

Imagine living a life where fear did not rule you.  What might that look like?  What would you do if you knew you could not fail?  How would love if you felt you could not get hurt?  What would your hopes and dreams look in reality?

The Year of NO FEAR

As I rang in the New Year with some friends, present, past and new, I started to think about all the fears that have been holding me back.  I openly admitted my friend Dave, that, I had been working so hard on trying to release the fears that had been holding me back this year and throughout all my life.

Dave’s response and advice, simply put: FAITH OVER FEAR.  End of conversation.

Even though I knew this concept and had been trying to practice it day in and day it, it’s very easy to find your way back to old habits and all that you know.  The challenge then comes in trying to break free of old behaviours and habits that no longer serve you and adopt new ones that allow you to live your greatest good.

The Message, The Motto

Turn up the volume on FAITH and TRUSTING the process and turn down the volume on FEAR and DISTRUST.  Know that everything you require to be successful and fulfill your life purpose will be given to you at the appropriate time.

This, my friends, is the start to creating a year and lifetime of Faith Over Fear.  This is the time to take a good long look at the what, why, where and how of your fears and address them point-blank.  Grab a shovel and start digging, if you want to come with me to get to the bottom of your fears that are holding you back.

Ask yourself how you fears serve you.  What purpose do they hold?  Are they worthy to hang on to, or do they hold you back from really living? Address and explore the fear, rather than just trying to squash and demolish it without any nurturing, so can we then replace it with LOVE.  Only after you’ve shed some light on the fear can you release it.

Please join me in a universal revolution to putting back more love into this world and way less fear.  Start small and begin your path to more love by grabbing your copy of my FREE Nourish Love Live Manifesto: The Ultimate Guide to Your Dream Health.



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