My Holiday Gift to YOU

Nourish love live manifesto cover

Good Christmas Eve morning Nutrition Junkies!  I had not planned on writing any more posts until the new year— simply because I am told I’m a workaholic and need to take some time off… but the truth of the matter is, besides the fact that I love to TALK and therefore WRITE, I had to get this one last thought off my mind before I could relax and enjoy the special day with my family.

I came across some more grave news yesterday as I stumbled upon an old friend’s mom’s obituary.  Now I never knew this woman, but I did know the incredible beautiful soul of a daughter whose heart I’m certain has been broken.

That’s the third person I’ve heard about this month whose life has been taken by cancer and that doesn’t even include the MILLIONS of lives I didn’t hear about living across NORTH AMERICA.  It’s not fair and I’m so angry I could scream and shout.


Who’s to blame?  CANCER, that mother F#$@er!  CANCER.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I know I am so sick and tired of hearing that word.  It’s like a swear word on steroids.  Cancer is robbing us of our love ones, stealing our youth and axing our most valuable, precious short time we have here on planet earth.  So you know what I say?  F-that!  I am so ready to throw down (as my girl Lindsay would say) on cancer and BEAT it.


This holiday season, all I want for Christmas more than anything is to protect my loved ones, family, friends and the entire world from this deadly and toxic disease.  I want to act as a shield and protect your cells and DNA from being tampered and screwed with.

But since I can’t literally do that, what I can do is share and spread my love, passion & knowledge for holistic health prevention.  That’s right, no big boxed gifts wrapped with bows and glitter gift paper.  I’m giving you my wisdom and my love for amazing health (which is way better than any gift in my opinion).

We’re talking the gift of life.  The gift to have all the tools, tips & knowledge right at your fingertips so that you can start taking control of your health and live a life of health beyond your wildest dreams.


Because we were all BORN to live and experience amazing health from the day we were conceived well into our HUNDREDS.  We were meant to live as long as we want, so long as we want it.

So my gift to you this Christmas is to plead, beg and convince you NOT to wait until New Years’ day to make some silly resolution that won’t last until the end of January.  But instead I want you to make a pact, a deal a COMMITMENT to yourself and your loved ones RIGHT NOW, TODAY, that you will start taking preventative measures to protecting yourself from all the evil cancerous crap out there waiting for innocent prey like you.

Because cancer is not picky and does not discriminate. 

My gift to you is to make a vow to continue on my crusade of squashing cancer and offering only the best of the best of my knowledge and fire for health prevention to you and anyone who wants to join the movement.


Please accept a gift from me to you – if you don’t celebrate Christmas that okay, we’ll just call it a Love for Life because you deserve it GIFT.  Please accept a copy of my NOURISH, LOVE & LIVE MANIFESTO right here to get you started on your JOURNEY to AMAZING HEALTH.  All you need to do is enter your NAME & EMAIL in the prompted field and expect your copy to arrive in your inbox in just a short time.

Until 2013 Nutrition Lovers, I wish you and your family the most AWESOME & HEALTHFUL holiday season.  Wishing each and every single one of you LOADS of LOVE & MIRACLES.

With Much Love & Gratitude- Jacquie xoxo


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