Vivaaaaaa Las Vegas Baby!

Las Vegas

It’s that time of year again, Christmas in Vegas!  Well, not exactly…I won’t actually be spending my Christmas in Vegas.  But I will be spending the next five days there for The American Academy of Anti-Aging’s (A4M) next conference.

“Anti-Aging medicine is a medical specialty founded on the application of advanced scientific and medical technologies for the early detection, prevention, treatment, and reversal of age-related dysfunction, disorders and diseases.”  Laymen’s terms= super cool natural health medicine for getting old, wrinkly and flabby. 😉

Some of the world’s finest natural healthcare practitioners gather at this event to learn, study, train and promote the latest research, evidence and findings in anti-aging health medicine.

We’re talking nutritional vitamins, herbals, nutritional IV therapy, organic beauty care, bio-identical hormones, stem cell therapy and so much more.  This will be my fourth time fortunate enough to attend this conference and I can honestly say I have not been let down yet.  The physicians, health practitioners, lectures and speakers have so much to offer and teach me, way beyond my love for the natural health and nutrition world.

The real excitement I get when I go to these conferences is looking forward to see the one and only Ms. Suzanne Somers, who usually is the featured speaker.  Suzanne’s claim to fame in the natural health industry is hormone health and specifically, bio-identical hormones.  Suzanne was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2001 and chose to take a natural approach to beat cancer, using various alternative cancer treatments.

She successfully beat cancer and quickly became a popular household name in the natural health community and even dedicated herself to writing many books throughout her journey.  She has written over 20 books to date!  She tells her cancer story in her book, BreakThrough and has since then received a ton of backlash and scrutiny from the media and many Western medical doctors throughout North America.

No, she is not a doctor and nor does she have a tons of fancy letters  behind her super sexy name.  But what she does have is experience and resilience.  And to me that trumps our need for authority figures in society.  Besides, who says you can’t be sexy and brilliant?

People will continue to say what they will say, but the reality is, she beat breast cancer without the use of chemotherapy and I applaud her for her bravery and ability to stand against many “expert” doctors’ orders.

This is not an easy thing to do for many.  In fact I can’t tell you how many times I have had to kindly decline my doctor’s recommendations of birth control pills, acne creams, anxiety meds and more only to address the surface or symptoms of my problem, not bothering to ask about what I might be eating or feeling that might be contributing to the problem.

I love Suzanne not only for what she promotes in natural health, but also for what she represents.  For having the courage to trust her gut and knowing her body best to choose what many would see as the road less traveled, and a difficult road at that.  Unfortunately Suzanne won’t be speaking at this year’s Vegas A4M’s conference but I will be lucky to have the opportunity to see Dr. William Davis, author of Wheat Belly!  IF you haven’t got yourself a copy of this fine book yet, I strongly recommend you pick it up today.  It might just be the answer to your rumbly bumble bum, chronic acne, arthritis or even exhaustion…

In the meantime, I’ll be throwing it down like it’s the end of 2012 and taking in as much as possible of these great professionals’ minds.  Learn it, love it, live it!  This is the way I live my life and my BEST health!  Vegas Baby Vegas!


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