Are You a Light Worker?

LightWorker 3

This past weekend I had the most amazing opportunity to meet and work with some ridiculously talented and beautiful people.  I attended a 3 day intensive workshop geared towards holistic health practitioners and their businesses.

If you know anything about holistic health practitioners, whether it be Nutritionists, Holistic Chefs, Life Coaches, Hypnotherapists, Massage Therapists, Psychotherapists, Reiki Masters, Energy Healers and so much more, you know that these are some of the most exceptionally warm, fuzzy and gentle people on the earth.

They are also abundant with endless, boundless and radiating energy.  They are loving, caring, and peaceful people.  They are full of optimism, hopes and dreams to help make the world a better place and bring more love and joy to each and every person they come into contact with.

Holistic health practitioners are an absolute blessing to this world, but we are ALL also a blessing to this world.  We all have reason and purpose to be here.  You don’t have to be a holistic health practitioner to be considered one of these miraculous people.  In fact there an abundance of people out there who I consider to fall into this group of individuals.  I call these people Light Workers.  And Light Workers play a very similar role to these holistic health practitioners.

Simply put, Light Workers bring in more light to this world.  They bring forth magnetic energy that is so contagious you can’t help but to be positively affected by even just their presence.  They brighten up the world when things appear grim and dark.  They bring humanity into human kind.  They show the possible when it seems impossible.  They spread love where there is hate.  They bring laughter to sadness.  These people offer their gifts and talents to the world in order to be of highest service.

They seek and find value, love and purpose in every single person they come into contact and help to ever so gently raise their conscious awareness.  These are the people who are helping to stir and awaken our planet to greater and higher state of spiritual being.  Light Workers help us discover our best self and bring our own individual gifts and talents to fruition.

When a Light Worker walks into a room you can immediately feel the love and warmth they carry.  When a Light Worker gives you a hug it’s like a thousand angels have wrapped their heavenly divine wings around you.  When a Light Worker tells you everything will be okay, you believe them because their faith is so compelling.

Thank-you to each and every single one of the Light Workers I was so fortunate to have been blessed with to spend time with this weekend.  I have never felt so much energy, love and light coming from a group of people.  I left feeling super inspired, thankful and honoured that I was part of such a life-changing experience.

I look forward to continuing to spread the light with you all and calling in more light workers to bring forward our mission to heal the planet one human being at a time.  May your light shine bright even in the most darkest and uncertain times…

With So Much Love & Light, Jacquie



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