We Are Enough


It occurred to me as I was in a yoga class a couple of weeks ago that I have way too many expectations of myself.  In fact, I set expectations and demands on myself that I would never ask for or expect from anyone else.  It never seems to be enough.

Sometimes I get that feeling of needing to do more, have more and be more.  Ironically enough, I would never put these expectations and demands on anyone else.  I do my best to accept others for who they are, exactly as they are.  No need to fix, change or be anything different then who they are now.  I love people for just being them.

This epiphany was not really a new one.  It was just another friendly reminder from the universe that this is a lesson am still learning and will probably continue to learn and take time to fully embrace over my lifetime.  Society puts so much pressure and emphasis on “doing” and “achieving” but what about just being?

As I tried to maneuver my body into “achieving” each pose the teacher was demonstrating, I realized I was putting a lot of strain on my back and it didn’t feel very good.  As the teacher approached me to check in and see how I was doing, I heard her say: “Listen to your body.  Don’t deny how you are feeling.  If it doesn’t feel right, don’t ignore the body.”  I do this all the time with food feelings and emotions but forgot that this also applies to physical activity.

I think I was so caught up in trying to impress (my teacher, my classmates?) and doing everything just “right” I the whole purpose and point to the art of yoga.  Just being, letting go and accepting where you are.

It was in this moment of trying to do this challenging pose that I realized that part of the beauty of yoga is that we actually get to just be and we don’t have try to be enough.  We have enough.  We do enough.  We are enough.  I left class emotionally thankful for this sweet reminder that I am amazing and perfect just the way I am…

BIG thank-you to Ella for her amazing teaching, energy and inspiration!


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