People Are Lessons

I truly believe that people come into our life for a reason.  Every person we meet has a lesson to teach us.  All we need is an open mind and open heart.  Some of our biggest lessons are usually brought on by the people who play some of the most significant roles in our lives- our friends, family, lovers.

But lessons can also come from those we don’t even know- people who may appear for just a few fleeting moments, perhaps a bus driver or even your morning coffee server.  Lessons can even come in the form of an brief email or a text message.

People challenge us with their lessons and more often than not they don’t even know they are teaching us.  Life itself becomes our classroom -from a subway ride to work to a walk to the corner store.

Each day I take the time to ask myself what my lessons are for the day.  I try my best to keep an open mind and heart.  This is not always easy to do, especially when there is a hard life lesson involved.  The harder lessons are, the more they challenge us.  The harder lessons also like to push our buttons and really get into those nooks and cracks where it really gets us the most.

The super important lessons tend to repeat themselves over and over until we really get it and accept the lesson for what it is.  We don’t have to categorize these lessons.  They don’t have to be labeled “good” or “bad”.  These lessons simply put are blessings which help us grow as individuals and reach our greater inner potential.

Sometimes the teachers of our lessons challenge us so much that we get angry or frustrated with that person.  If you are able to let that anger or frustration guide you to thankfulness that they are helping you grow and become a better person, it can help you see the lesson in a brighter light.

Sometimes the lessons are small yet significant and stick with us and sometimes they are big and pass quickly.  I look for these lessons everywhere I go.  I even find them in a conversation with a customer service rep from my phone company (errrrg- trying to overcharge me again!), teaching me patience.  But when I’m done being angry at the situation I try and accept it, find the lesson and then let it go.  These life lessons are wherever you choose to see them.  In fact, we too are lessons for others in our lives, even though we may not know it… This is awesome because it makes for a constant exchange of learning and growing and keeps with the natural flow of things.

We can find lessons in our relationships, in our co-workers, in our love life and everywhere in between.   Some of my greatest and yet toughest life lessons have come from the people I love the most- my family, my friends and especially my other half.

Though many of these lessons have been most challenging and even heart breaking at times, it is truly these people that I have learned and grown from the most.  Thank-you to you all for my lessons and I continue to welcome these miracles into my life in hopes of pushing me forward to my greatest potential.  Let lessons into your life, expand your mind and watch your soul grow…

Do you have a lesson you want to share?  Please do!  Leave a comment below…


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