Who Needs Hormone Balancing Therapy?

Almost all women need hormone balancing therapy.  Women living North America today have screwed up hormones- period!  Periods problems are the earliest warning sign that hormone are out of balance and need addressing.  In the crazy stressful and environmentally disastrous world we live in today, we are constantly bombarded with excess estrogens from our external environment, the foods we eat and the products we use on our body.

These excess estrogens known as xenoestrogens or hormone mimickers, wreak so much havoc on our bodies and seriously screw up our body’s own production of natural hormones.  Hormone balancing therapy addresses the underlying cause a woman’s hormone imbalance and uses food, vitamins, minerals and herbs to re-balance hormones.  If you are suffering from cramps, swollen, sore and tender breasts, infertility, mood swings and crying spells you need hormone balancing therapy.

Women who especially need help with balancing their hormones include the following: 

  • Women exposed to pesticides, herbicides & toxins
  • Women with endometriosis
  • Women with fibrocystic breasts (benign breast disease)
  • Women with acne
  • Overweight or obese women
  • Women with ovarian cysts
  • Women with uterine fibroids
  • Women with breast cancer
  • Women with ovarian cancer
  • Women with PMS
  • Women with uncomfortable never ending menopause

If you live in the GTA and are interesting in learning more about hormone balancing and how to address this through diet, lifestyle & nutritional supplements please join me this Friday November 23rd with Annares Natural Health.  

This will be an empowering women’s health workshop that will help you begin to take control of your health and prevent future estrogen dominant diseases like breast and ovarian cancer.  For details & registration find it all here.

I also strongly encourage to pick up a copy of my educational e-guide, CRAZY SEXY HORMONES: The Ultimate Guide to Women’s Health.  Whether you are a young teen just starting out on her journey to womanhood, a Mom or a woman hitting menopause, this e-guide will provide with you the essential basics to your hormone health.


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