What the Heck is a Detox? – Part II

In part I of this blog post I talked about basic detoxing by eliminating certain foods to lighten our toxic load.  Part II requires nothing from you at all in terms of ridding your favourite foods but instead, just a bit of soul searching and digging.

In fact all it requires is for you to have an open mind and a good look at the key people around you in your life.  Instead of detoxing with food, we are detoxing with well… people.  Okay, so maybe that sounds a little harsh, but our intentions here are not to hurt anyone we love or make anyone feel bad.  Our intention is to bring some awareness as to how certain people in your life affect your energy.  Who are you surrounded with day after day?  Who are the biggest key players in your life?  Who do you spend most of your time with?

I want you to think about these people and take a good look at how they make you feel?  Do you feel energized when you’re around certain friends?  Do you dread going to visit a certain friend?  Do your co-workers irritate you?  Does your brother make you feel bad about yourself every time you talk to him?  Consider how each of your key life players makes you feel.  You might even want to jot down a quick list and make a few notes beside each name.

Just like our 21 day food based detox (minus the food) we are going to detox toxic people from our life.  Now of course this does not necessarily mean we are going to rid these people from our life completely as some may be very dear to our heart, perhaps even our own family.  What it does mean is that we are going to consider how certain people make us feel.  The ones that don’t feel so good to be around we are going to limit or take a break from to remove ourselves from that negativity energy.

Being around toxic people requires a lot of energy.  It takes a great deal of energy from you if you are too open or unable to guard your own energy when you are in the presence of these people.

This challenge might be difficult for some people (like myself who totally tends towards people pleasing) but I promise you it will bring great awareness to your life and help you see the kind of people you want to surround yourself with.  Surround yourself with positive, loving people and let that shine through you.  You will feel energized when you surround yourself with the right type of people and their energy.

This may also be a challenge for those people we cannot avoid or limit due to our working situation or living situation.  But that’s okay too!  This is a great opportunity for you to practice how you can be around these people.  You can choose to be sucked into their negative vortex or start adopting tools to manage your energy with these people.

Make clear your intentions before entering into the presence of energy suckers and protect yourself and your energy through constant positive affirmations, prayer and visualizations.  I learned an awesome technique years ago from my sister (a soon to be psychotherapist- Woot woot!) to envision myself placing a protective white light “cloak” or white light all around my body to protect my energy.

The white light represents positive, loving energy (for me passed on from my higher source/being) that acts a shield to repel  any incoming negative energy.  If you’re like me and you’re sensitive and very open, you may be absorbing other people’s energy very easily which can also drain and deplete you of your own own energy.  If it’s negative energy you are absorbing, this can be exhausting making you feel like you’ve had the life-force sucked out of you.  It may even just be the reason why you feel so awful and tired after leaving the presence of certain people.  You may be literately taking on others’ bad energy, while giving your energy away.

Give it a try— what do you have to lose?  21 days with limited or no contact with people in your life that don’t support and nurture your spirit.  Surround yourself with positive, loving and supportive people who add more joy to your life and I assure you, you will never want to go back to your toxic posse!

With love and light xoxo,


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