Do Men have an Inner Goddess too?

Hell yeah they do!  We all do… A couple of weeks ago I talked about letting your inner Goddess in, which most of us would assume was meant for women only.  One of my male clients who had recently read the post asked me if men had this “inner Goddess” voice too?

Your inner Goddess is just another name for your inner guide, your inner wisdom, your inner light or your intuition.  This is that intuitive voice deep down that provides you with all the answers to your deepest lingering questions and says “yes you can” when everyone else tells you otherwise.  I specifically call this our inner Goddess when speaking of women because every female is a gorgeous sexy Goddess, simply because she is a woman.

Each of us was born with this inner wisdom although we might not even know it.  Although our inner wisdom never leaves us, somewhere along the way we may have lost connection with her/him.  Over our life course, our inner wisdom becomes clouded with outer perceptions and negativity from our external environment, including society, friends, family, media, etc.  When we lose touch with our inner wisdom we lose touch with our truth and that intuitive voice that tells us how to live life.

Think of your inner guide as a GPS.  Our inner wisdom is essentially an internal navigation system that guides you in the right direction in order to help you choose your appropriate path.  When you need to make a left turn, your inner guide will veer you left.  When you need to slow down because you’re about to turn a big corner your inner guide will slow you down.  Your inner guide will direct you when you need direction and alert you when you’ve gone off track.

In order to get in touch with your inner wisdom all you have to do is listen.  Grab a comfy seat, breath deeply and quiet your mind.  When all is quiet upstairs, your inner guide can come out and take the reign.  Take the time to listen, without judgment and hear what this voice has to say.  With time and practice, you will begin to know what feels right for you and what to do with this information.

We all have access to this innate wisdom all we have to do is choose it.  It’s not something that is found out there, rather in here.  One of my all time favourite books that my sister introduced to me shortly after I finished university and was feeling completely lost and uncertain about my path in life, is The Alchemist.  At the time I couldn’t quite grasp the concept and the meaning of the book’s content, but today I have a much greater appreciation and understanding for the story.

The book is about a young shepherd who goes on a journey in search of treasure far away from his home.  After many trials and tribulations and a long trek far from home, at the end of his search for this treasure, he comes to realize that the treasure was available to him the whole time right in his very own backyard.

The parallel I draw from The Alchemist is that our “treasure” or whatever it is we are searching for “out there” is available right here, right now.  It’s inside of us.  Our treasure or inner wisdom is already within each and every one of us and requires not to look outside of ourselves at all.  Most of us spend our entire lives looking out there, when it was in here unknown to us, all along.  Look inwards and I guarantee you will find this magic treasure too…


5 responses to “Do Men have an Inner Goddess too?

  1. I really love your blog, but I find it hard to navigate. I hope it is okay that I make a small suggestion to perhaps create categories, so it’s easier to search for topics. You have a lot of great things to say and this will help your readers better find what they are looking for! Any way, I look forward to reading more of your posts!

    • Yeah! Thanks for sharing! The Alchemist was definitely a great book to help me look within when I was dealing with feeling lost in this big bold world :). Much love, peace & wellness to you!

      • That’s awesome! I love how the Alchemist does different things for different folks. For me, it got me to start looking out for simple, everyday signs. Lots of wellness to you too! I look forward to reading more of your posts!

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