Skin Brushing for Healthy Boobs

To wrap up our support for October’s breast cancer awareness I have one last hot tip on how you can improve your breast health and reduce your risk for breast cancer by up to 50%!  Plus this will help keep your girls youthfully glowing.

Our body has many systems of detoxification.  Our skin is the body’s largest organ for this process.  We can actually remove up to two pounds of waste a day just through our skin!  In addition to the skin, the lymphatic system also plays a role in detoxification.  In particular, lymph carries blood, oxygen and waste throughout the body to be removed.

Skin brushing is a super easy and effective way to get your blood and lymph moving in order to move out clogged and accumulated toxins.  This is especially important for us ladies because we hold a lot of additional toxins in and around our breasts and axillary area (or underarms, armpit).  This is largely due to the fact that fat store toxins and since our breasts mostly fat, toxins can easily deposit here.

On top of our extra fat storage increasing our ability to hold more toxins in our breasts, most of us also wear underwire bras, which tighten and suppress this area from breathing and allowing circulation and lymph to flow properly.  Perhaps women of the 60’s were on to something more than just feminism by burning their bras!

A lymphatic brush technique can be used to move out these unwanted toxins.  All you need is a rounded or oval dry brush which can be purchased from a health food store for as little as $7.  This technique can be done just before you get into the shower.

After you have removed your clothing, start by taking your hand and placing it on top of your head so that your underarm is exposed.  Next take your brush right at the start of  your rib cage and go completely up and over your armpit area, over the top of your breast and go down to the centre of the your heart.  It’s a straight sweeping motion and it basically looks like an upside down ‘J’ from bottom to top.  Repeat this 5-10 times on each side.  You don’t want this to be painful but you do want to feel it and feel the movement of the brush on your skin.  You don’t need to do this every day, even once every other day would be suffice.

In addition to moving out the built up lymph waste you will also be removing dead skin cells, helping to renew and improve skin cell regeneration and getting that baby bottom smooth skin.  You can even skin brush your whole body if you really want to support your body’s overall health.  Goodbye toxic “anti-aging” chemical skin products and hello skin brushing!  Skin brushing will leave your skin healthy and glowing from the inside out.  Get brushing already!

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