Do You Choose Love Over Fear?

FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real Vs. LOVE: Limitless Open Vitality Everywhere

Do you choose fear over love?  I know for the majority of my life I have mostly chosen fear.   I lived in the eyes of fear far too long and often not really lived at all.  I feared what others thought of me.  I feared failure.  I feared life itself.

A Course in Miracles Teaches us: “Your task is no to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”  I love this because it teaches us it’s not about seeking or “finding” love but simply removing false fears and blocks that stand in the way to receiving love.  All we need to do is be ready, willing and accepting of love and we can receive it.

When we live in fear, we don’t really live at all.  It’s like constantly walking the tightrope of life and always worrying that we will fall with no net to catch us.  But the truth is there will always be a net below to support us, even when think the otherwise.

Living our life in fear prevents you from doing the things you really want to.  Perhaps you’ve always  wanted to take up a sport, but fear you won’t be able to keep up.  Maybe you’ve been looking to change career paths but fear you’re too old and it’s too late.  Or could it be that you avoid truly falling in love because you fear the pain of getting hurt if it doesn’t work out?

Whatever we fear probably deserves some attention.  There is work that can be done in each of our fears.  A fear is an opportunity to explore ourselves, evolve our being and recreate the wholeness that we were all once born with.  When you look at your fears, what do they say?  Where do you feel them?  How do the make you feel?  What would it feel like to stare that fear in the face and call its bluff?

At the root of the fear there is usually a lot of crap stemming from our underlying “blueprint” (more to come on this) or our story.  That is the things we have come to believe true about ourselves, heavily shaped by our childhood, influential people in our lives, life experiences and our external environment and surroundings.  More often than not, these are a bunch of lies we have been telling ourselves for a very long time.

We have been conditioned and lived with these beliefs for so long that they have contributed to nourishing and keeping our fear alive.  Simply becoming aware of the fear that exists in each of us is the first step in overcoming the fear.  If we don’t even know what we fear how can we possibly address it?

Once you’ve asked yourself what you are afraid of, ask yourself where that fear came from.  Try to create some substance around where and when the fear originated from and if it is really true.  Do you really deep down believe it to be true?  Or is it a big fat lie?

When you have established your fear, it’s time to start restructuring and remolding your thinking around the fear.  Turn your fear into a lesson and challenge that will help you grow emotionally and spiritually, expanding so you can help others resolve their fears.  Addressing your fear will allow for more room and space for new light and energy to flow and help you become more calm and clearer in your everyday life.  Addressing  and removing our fears and these blocks to love will likely be a lifelong practice.  Even when we diminish one fear, there is often another fear looming in the corner waiting for a fight.  But if we choose love when the fear arises we can move on to the next knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

When we choose love over fear, we can know that we are supported in our journey.  Choosing love means having faith that everything will work out in end, even if we don’t know what the end result will be.

Today I choose L.O.V.E. which supports and guides me to nourish, love and live my best health and best life, taking one step closer to feeling even just a little happier than I did yesterday.

What do you choose?


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