All Healing is Self-Healing

Have you ever given your health away to be “fixed” only to be disappointed in the end?

What if I told you that all healing begins with you and has very little to do with the “healer” himself?  In fact, your body knows how to heal itself and wants to heal itself.  It’s up to you where you put your faith in your healing.

Though we may approach healers, doctors, practitioners, teachers, medicine and so on to help us in our healing journey back to health it is actually none of these people or things that actually does the healing.  “No technique, method or human being itself has ever healed anyone.” –Denise Linn

It is the body’s response to the technique, method or practitioner that does the healing.  In essence, it is you who does the healing.  We may have or need guidance and assistance along the way, but these are simply facilitators and tools that help us find our own answers within.  Your body knows what’s best for you and if you listen close enough, it will guide you in the right direction.  All healing is essentially self- healing.

The body speaks to us through signs and signals.  It communicates with us through aches and pains, fears and fatigue.  Pain signals attention.   Attention requires awareness.  The body is always trying to make us become aware of our issues that need tending to when we experience such pain.  When we understand this language that the body speaks we can connect with our pain and become aware of what purpose it serves.

It’s like a knock at the door waiting us for to open up. The knocks will only continue to get louder unless we answer them.  The signs and signals get stronger and louder until we start to pay attention.  If we take the time to listen we can choose this self-healing process.

Remember, you have a choice.  You have the power to choose a life of health or a life of illness.  You are the creator of your health and only you can truly heal yourself.


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