3 Things You Can Do TODAY to Reduce Your Risk For Breast Cancer:

In continuation of honoring breast cancer awareness month here in Canada, I’ve got some quick and dirty tips for my girls to protect their girls!

These are simple yet super effective things you can do right now, today to reduce your risk for breast cancer— an absolute must with all the craziness running the world lately (but don’t worry- we’re changing all that!).

3 Things You Can Do TODAY to Reduce Your Risk For Breast Cancer:

1. Chill out!  Take a load off.  Relax.  That’s right ladies, stress has no business up in our bodies!  Stress leads to cortisol and more cortisol means more estrogen, and not the good stuff!  Research and studies have shown that too much of the “bad” estrogen can put women at a higher risk for acquiring breast cancer.  So get calm and carry on.  Find an activity or thing that helps you tackle your stress and relieve it.  Run, breath, dance, sing, scream!  Find your “go to” and embrace it when stress takes over.

2. Eat cruciferious veggies!  These are vegetables like kale, cauliflower, broccoli and brussels sprouts.  These veggies carry super power constituents called indole-3-carbinol.  I3C has been proven to help metabolize, detoxify and remove excess estrogens from the body.  Goodbye estrogen, hello kale!

3. Educate yourself!  That’s right, exactly what you’re doing right now, keep doing it!  Just learning about breast cancer, its effects and risk factors creates more awareness.  When we are aware we can make wiser decisions for our health.  Acquire as much knowledge as you can on the subject so that you can start to spread your knowledge to other women desperately in need to learn about how they can protect themselves.

It’s as easy and simple as that.  Just by doing these 3 things alone, will significantly reduce your risk and protect yourself far beyond anything else.  Protect your girls, protect your life.


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