Letting In Your Inner Goddess

Our inner Goddess is always in us at our fingertips ready to access at an given moment.  It’s simply a matter of becoming aware, acknowledging and letting it flow naturally.  The moment you become aware that your inner Goddess lives in you (it lives in all of us- baby we were born with it!) you open up a whole better way of living.

Our inner Goddess, as I also refer to as spirit, intuition, our inner guide and our inner wisdom is what helps us get through the bad times and pick us up when we are down.  In women, I like to refer to this term as our inner Goddess, as it also holds meaning to our divine femininity and our female awesomeness!

Our inner Goddess is that inner voice that tells us to slow down and take a mental health day when we really need it.  Our inner Goddess is what lets you know that everything will be okay even in the worst of times.

I challenge you to take a moment each day to find your spirit, your inner Goddess and ask her what she needs.  Does she need a warm cup of tea or a simple hug?  Whatever your spirit reveals to you, listen and accept the message without question or doubt.  Our inner Goddess knows what is best for us, even when we don’t.

Our only other option to not listen to our inner Goddess and when we don’t listen we go against all that is good for us and we go against what is meant for us.  Going against our inner Goddess keeps us off track and on the way to self destruction.

If you know nothing else, know that your inner Goddess knows what is best for you and has your back.  Your inner Goddess is there to support, love, protect and push you forward when you feel you can’t move forward anymore.

Today I welcome my spirit, intuition, inner guide, inner wisdom and inner Goddess to lead the way and show up everywhere and in every way I need her.


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