3 Key Steps To Bounce Back From Holiday Binging

The day after a big holiday gathering filled with lots of treats and goodies is usually a recipe for disaster for both our body and brain.  For many of us it leads to a day of feeling guilty, bloated and well, just overall yuck!  You start to review all the things you ate over the course of the big feast— those mini appetizers, the cheesy dips, the wine,  a second helping of mashed potatoes and ohhhh just a smidgen dessert please!

Suddenly your tummy feels like you’ve stretched it to week 16 of a pregnant woman’s  first trimester and your bed is 2 minutes too far away.  Why do we do it???  It seems like such a good idea at the time as we’re enjoying how good it all tastes, but the next day we’re weighing in a Weight Watchers and hitting up our post-holiday diet.

What I see a lot of my clients do at this point, is go into pure diet and near starvation mode.  Back to the diet drawing board— cutting out calories, sweets and carbs of course.  Or quite the opposite, I also see a lot of clients continue with the holiday eating simply because they figure at this point the damage is done and they may as well just surrender to sabotaging their usual healthy eating regime.

But here’s the thing, just because we had a weak moment of indulgence for a once a year meal, doesn’t mean we have to punish ourselves for the next 3 weeks.  Seriously, forgive yourself, move on and get back on board with your usual healthy eating habits.

Instead of starving yourself for the next 3 weeks to lose those extra holiday pounds, consider instead nourishing your body with a little extra love and compassion, understanding that it’s okay to indulgence once in awhile.

The best thing you can do post-holiday feast is to get right back on your usual healthy eating routine.  Just dive right and don’t look back.  Besides, what does feeling guilty about your indulgence have to do with anything?  You can’t change it now, but you can better prepare for future feasts.

I highly recommend the day after your big indulgence 3 key steps to help you get back on board with healthy balanced eating and forget about your holiday slip up.

1. Get organized.  Make yourself a grocery list consisting of all kinds of delicious whole foods including fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes.  Make your list ahead of time so that you’re not adding extras to your cart when you get there.  Make sure your list includes lots of fresh greens, full of antioxidants, phytonutrients and fibre to help start moving out the bad stuff from the day before.  Consider lemons and limes as they have unique alkalizing and cleansing properties to help purify the body and help support liver detoxification.

2. Get on a program.  Take some time to sit down and create a healthy eating routine.  This includes a general daily meal plan, snack list and emergency alternative treat foods (for when the late night cravings hit).  Consider adding a daily food journal to your life.  This will help you not only be accountable for what you’re eating but also help you to see how you’re feeling before, during and after certain foods.

This is a great way to get in touch with what kinds of foods your body likes and doesn’t like.  Feelings of gas, bloating and general uncomfortableness after eating certain foods is a sure sign that something ain’t right!  If you’re unsure how to put together such a program, get in touch with a Holistic Nutritionist or healthcare professional who can properly provide you with this information.

3. Be preventative.  Okay, so you over indulged a little bit at your holiday feast.  No biggie.  But start to think about what you can do to prevent over indulging and binging in the future when holiday events arrive.  Think about why you want to over indulge in the first place.  Have you been starving yourself or engaging in yo-yo dieting?  Or have you been depriving yourself completely of certain foods you really love?

Choosing and creating a healthy balanced eating plan at least 80% of the time can help you avoid binging and going crazy during the holidays.  You don’t have to eat perfect all of the time, but if you strive to have a healthy balance and enjoy a little treat now and then, instead of completely depriving, you just might find that your body doesn’t want you to stuff your tummy like a turkey and roll over into a deep sleep food coma.  Just sayin’…


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