Be Your Own Health Advocate

This past weekend I was lucky enough to receive an invite to one of Canada’s best natural health shows, the CHFA.  It’s a combo of educational lectures provided by many of the showcased products/sponsors and a retail exhibit open solely to natural health practitioners, retailers, clinic owners, etc.

I love attending this show because A) I get to sit in on awesome lectures, getting all kinds of updated on the latest nutrition buzz and natural health products on the market and B) It’s like Hallowe’en trick or treating for Nutritionists!  I mean it!  You get a boat load of free samples of natural health products and food to the point where you have to make a trip to your car to unload bags from round one.

The only downside is at times feeling bombarded by hundreds of company reps shovelling their product in your face trying to make a sale.  This even stands true for the reps speaking at the seminar part of the show.

Some of the lectures were super capturing, like the one put on by Naturopathic Doctor Jonathan Beattie, refreshing us on the dos and don’ts of gluten-free dieting.  Others were a bit of a flop, as I was pulled back to grade 10 science class engulfed in Powerpoint slides and strands of dna and mitochondria.

But as I sat in on these lectures I had to ask myself who was the host and how were they benefiting?  At the end of each talk (or sometimes point blank throughout the whole presentation!), the speaker would plug in his/her product he/she were representing.  Always a catch!

When I left the lecture part of the show, I felt (as I often do after attending these types of shows) that I desperately needed to run out and by all of the products I had just been educated about.  I was deficient in this and that and needed x and y for z.

It’s true, sometimes we were really are deficient and sometimes we really do need x and y to help us resolve z.  But there is something I want you to remember.  Whether you are at the health food store, on-line product shopping, at your health practitioner’s office or whatever it is that brings you to the place of purchasing natural health product, YOU are in control of your health!  If you’re not sure about the product, take action and RESEARCH it!

Don’t do or buy something just because someone tells you that you need it.  Make sure you understand why you need it and how it works so that you can better utilize in your daily health regiment.

Be your own health advocate.  With the overload of natural health information out there it’s so easy to get wrapped up in just doing what the experts tell us to do.  At the end of the day, you are responsible for your health and only you can make the final decision as to what natural health goodness you let into your life.  Research it, understand it and if it is right for you, let it in with love and light and watch your good health grow!


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