Holistic Nutrition Practice Q & A – Part II

Q.  What kind of experience do you have?

A.  I spent many years specializing in digestive health, working out of several clinical settings as a Nutritional Counselor and Colon Hydro Therapist.  In my time in this role I counseled 1000’s of clients and had the opportunity to see the positive results that simple diet and lifestyle changes can have over one’s health.

I also previously worked with physicians based in the U.S. within the American Anti-Aging Academy (A4M).  It was with these doctors that I formulated customized vitamin supplements unique to each patient based on their personal health information including labs, blood work and patient health history.  The physicians I worked with ranged from a speciality in anti-aging, weight loss, hormones, mental health digestive health and pain management.

Today I focus primarily on education providing lectures and workshops in and around Toronto and the GTA.  Some of my past clients include Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network, University of Toronto, The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) and the Hamilton Ti-Cats women’s football clinics.

I also offer group nutrition coaching and 1-on-1 coaching primarily for women and people suffering from digestive distress and mental health conditions including depression and anxiety.  In our group coaching sessions we bring together small groups of people to provide intimate interactions and create a personal experience, where healing the individual also translates into healing the whole group.

Q. Why did you choose to focus on women’s, mental and digestive health in particular?

A.  I myself have dealt with these specific health conditions including chronic PMS, depression and digestive distress.  It was not until I began to educate myself and study holistic nutrition that I could start to address some of the underlying causes of my health conditions.  There is something about having been through something yourself that really makes you want to help others experiencing similar issues.

Having first-hand experience with women’s health problems has created an even deeper awareness and compassion within me to want to help those seeking answers.  I noticed over time that so many of my clients coming to see me were women and I started to see patterns, habits and commonalities that helped me understand why so many women suffer from many female-related health conditions.

When I started going through my own personal health problems, I often felt that it would have been nice to have some kind of female support group where I could connect with other women who shared similar experiences.  Sometimes just having the opportunity to talk to or connect with someone else who has been through what you are going through can really help you through a troubled time.

Breast cancer, endometriosis and PMS are just a few of the many female related health conditions that are so common amongst North American women today.  I feel that all women should be aware and understand how their monthly cycle works and how hormones affect nearly all functions of their body.  As Oprah says, “knowledge is power and when you know better, you do better!”

Q: There are so many Nutritionists out there what makes you different?

A:  As I mentioned before I truly believe in a holistic approach to health, meaning really looking at all areas of our life.  It is so important that we no just look at the symptom, but the root cause of the symptom is coming from.  Taking an inventory of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, as well as our relationships, our job/work, our financial well-being and our overall attitude on life ALL have a significant impact on our health.  We can not isolate just one of these factors.

When I see my clients I look not just at the topical surface level of their health or their nutrition well-being, but I also try to understand what is going on in all of these areas of their life.  Most Nutritionists will simply looking at nutrition alone, but I feel that our health and well-being is much deeper than that.

Once we understanding how well or unwell we are feeling in each of these areas of our life, we can then begin to address the imbalances and gradually correct and improve them so as to bring our self back into a better state of peace and balance.


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