When You’ve Hit Rock Bottom



I’m super psyched you found me and have taken some of your most valuable time to spend it here with me.  I promise you won’t regret it.  It is my commitment to you to keep the content of these blogs meaningful, soul-filled, honest, authentic and rich with advice on holistic nutrition, women’s health, digestive healing, self-love, spiritual faith & so much more holistic health goodness!

My goal and purpose of these blogs are to inspire, uplift and spread the good word of my life experiences, teachings and lessons.   I feel that it is part of my life’s purpose and work to help gradually awaken those around me in these areas in order to help them find true purpose, peace and happiness.

For many of us the holistic and spiritual awakening process begins at a time of loss, devastation or darkness, eventually forcing us to hit rock bottom.  Once we’ve hit our rock bottom we can start to begin the healing process.

Hitting Rock Bottom

Our “rock bottoms” are unique to each of us and can show up in many different forms.  One person’s rock bottom might show up as a severe illness or disease such as cancer or a stroke.  Another’s might be losing their job or parting from a romantic relationship.

Hitting our rock bottom is usually a sign that it can’t get any worse than it already is and the only way to go is up.  Hitting rock bottom allows us to call in greater forces than ourselves to help heal and bring us back to wholeness.

Lucky for me I hit my rock bottom- hard.  Yes, I said lucky!  In fact I hit many mini-rock bottoms before I finally threw in the towel and let go of the rope I was so tightly holding on to.  The beginning of my rock bottom came in the form of a deep, darkened depression that started when I was about 14.

The feeling of depression stayed with me on and off until my mid to late twenties before I could really start to understand what it was all about.  It was not until I was able to connect with this dark side of myself that I was able to process it and begin the healing process.

I was so ashamed and didn’t want anyone to know that I had these feelings within me.  I associated my feeling depressed and sad with who I was and if that’s who I was, it was not the person I wanted to be.  I rejected it, I hated it, I resisted it, but it only seemed to come back worse.  The resistance only persisted the feelings I was avoiding even more.

There were so many times I wanted to give up, call it quits and ask someone else to take control of my life just to stop feeling as bad as I did.  But instead, I would hold on tight for dear life, never really completely allowing myself to let go and accept how I was feeling.

I kept fighting the fact that I felt so awful and so deeply saddened.  It wasn’t until I finally completely surrendered and allowed myself to go through the darkness that I was able to really allow myself to heal.


My healing journey included 3 key things that over time led me to my current state of acceptance and happiness.  Using food as my medicine- holistic nutrition, the right movement and fitness for my body including running & yoga and a transformative shift in thinking as a result of working through old excess baggage of suppressed feelings and emotions.

These were the keys elements that contributed to my healing process helping to lift me up from rock bottom.  These 3 things not only transformed my body, but more importantly my mind and ultimately, my spirit.

Happiness is a Choice I Make

Today I can honestly say I am one of the happiest people I know and I feel so fortunate and blessed to be alive.  I am willing and ready to fight for the amazing life I have been given and make the most of what little time I have left here.  I now know that I have a choice.  Today and every day I wake up, I choose to be happy, rather than acquire or seek happiness.

I now know from these difficult times that life is full of ups and down.  It’s simply the natural order of things.  Where there is a high there is a low and with the good comes the bad.  The key is to accept that this is just the ebb and flow of life and to take part in it is to be alive.

It was part of my rock bottom that led me to pursue my passion in holistic nutrition and women’s health.  As a Holistic Nutritionist and Women’s Health Coach, I teach women how to healthfully transform their relationship with food and treat their body like the Goddess temple it is.

Women’s Empowerment

I empower women to look within, embracing both the dark and light side of themselves in order to create an abundance of self-love we all deserve and were born with.

I believe with all my heart and have experienced at first hand that everything we put into our body becomes our body.  This includes everything from the food we eat, the products we use, the thoughts we think and our life experiences.  All of these things combined provide us with the perfect recipe for health or sickness if we so choose it.

When we become aware and in tune with what we’re doing to our body and we how feel, it quickly becomes evident that the choices we make in life are also choices we make in health.

My Professional Experience

I’ve spent the last five years in several well-known clinical settings in Toronto.  My time spent at D’Avignion Digestive Health Centre & Vitalife Digestive Wellness Clinic allowed me to practice as both a Holistic Nutritionist and Colon Hydro Therapist.  (Please feel free to explore these sites for more information on colon hydro therapy).  It was here that I developed my specialty in digestive healing and women’s health.

My experience as a Colon Hydro Therapist taught me all about how the digestive system is the first place to start with nearly any health problem and just how much food affects our mind and body.

The other half of my clinical nutrition experience comes from my work with physicians within the American Anti-Aging Academy also known as the A4M.  Here I worked directly with GPs, naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, etc. formulating customized vitamin supplements for their patients.  My formulations were based on patient’s blood work, lab results and patient health history analysis to create the ideal supplement tailored specifically to the individual’s needs.

It was in this particular environment that I observed how even though these physicians were taking an alternative, more natural approach to their patients’ health, patients were still not fully healing.  There was little attention given to the rest of their health.

What about the abusive relationship the patient was in or that they were working in a career they hated or the fact that they were going through a divorce?  Often the symptom and not the root cause were only being treated and as such, the patients were not fully able to heal.


These experiences reaffirmed what I already intuitively knew.  Healing is holistic and requires us to look inside at ALL areas of our life in order to fully deal with our health issues.  Our nutritional intake, relationships, attitude on life, emotional, spiritual & financial health, each plays an important role in our health.

If we eat all the right foods and exercise like a mad woman but continue to stay in a relationship that has out grown us or work a job we hate, it can be very difficult to heal.  When all of these areas of our life are in sync and fired up, it’s pretty amazing the health benefits we experience and how much energy we have.

Where Can You Find Me?

Most of my time these days are spent continuing my own wellness journey and coaching women 1-on-1 or in group settings, helping them find their way back to their Inner Goddess and ultimately, inner peace and happiness.  You can also find me in the Toronto area providing workshops & lectures on topics ranging from digestive healing to hormone health to mental health.

I also write and lecture on alternative wellness including: nutrition, women’s health & hormones, mental health, digestive healing, the spirit, body, mind connection and so much more.  You can find me here on this blog, popping up in places like the National Post or at my urban loft downtown Toronto offering health & wellness advice, spreading the good word of nutrition, self-love and the power of thought.

My work and life experiences combined have crazy inspired me to passionately teach others what I have learned and practiced along the way of my own journey, both as a health practitioner and as a woman.  I sincerely look forward to sharing my passion & inspiration with you and motivating you to take control of your own health.

I hope you find what you came looking for and who knows if not, you may just find that you get what you didn’t even know you were looking for…

For questions or inquiries on more about what I do, my services or how to get in touch with me, please feel free to email me at: info@jacquierobertson.ca or visit the website at: www.jacquierobertson.ca 


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